Season One Episodes

Season One

The Dalish Curse


How the gang got together…

Episode 1: Harvest of Vengeance

As the newly formed party travelled towards their goal they found themselves at a farmstead on the outskirts of the village of Vintiver, near the Brecillian Forest. They expected to stop off in the village as it was en route but were unaware their visit would be far more eventful than possibly imagined.

Episode 2: Wings of Change

The party awoke the morning after their fight to find a new companion and readied themselves for the ruins that lay ahead and facing Mythallen…

Episode 3: Spiders, Geezers and Burning Buildings

Led by their Dalish guide, the party rushes back to Vintiver for an epic showdown with Mythallen, encountering a powerful foe and a strange new friend along the way…

Season One Episodes

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