Tarl Dale Endorsement Letter

Letter Presented To The Party Addressed To The Local Bann


After defeating the rage abomination Mythallen and saving the surviving villagers of Vintiver, local village warden Tarl Dale presented the group with this letter. It recommends the group as worthy fighters if needed.


28th of Harvestmere

My Noble Bann Trumhall,

It is my wish to confirm to you that the bearers of this note are formidable warriors and stout defenders of the weak. If you have need of arms to support you in your recent troubles with banditry I could not recommend a more tough and steadfast group.

Over the past few days, Vintiver suffered vicious attacks from a powerful rage abomination known as Mythallen, who was aided by an army of ferocious beasts he called his “Revengers”. Following the series of mysterious raids on our local farmsteads I reported recently on, the creature revealed himself by launching a full assault on our village. Mythallen was set to slaughter every single last one of us.

However, though Vintiver was badly hit with many of our people dead and the town itself in a state of disrepair, it was only due to the actions of this group of brave adventurers that any of us survived at all. They fought hard and put Mythallen to the sword at great risk to themselves with no promise of reward.

They are not the most polite or well bred bunch of people I have met. In fact some of the less tasteful and debauched elements of their personalities tempted me to clasp them in irons. However I’m sure you know this wild attitude is often the case with groups such as these. You may also hear word that three of the more foolish locals of Vintiver died at their hands. I assure you that this matter has been resolved to my satisfaction and that I have ruled the incident as self-defence in favour of the adventurers.

In any case, you should not be too concerned. Dispensing advice to the Ruswold Valley populace to keep a sharp eye on their wives and daughters while the group are present and a stern warning for the group themselves to be on their best behaviour should be enough. Otherwise I wholeheartedly recommend this party to handle any and all troubles you may have. With the fighting prowess I witnessed, they should make short work of a mere group of ruffians in no time.

I remain your loyal subject and your keeper of the peace in Vintiver. I shall provide you with greater information as to the effect of Mythallen’s attack on both the town and our wine stores as soon as I am able.


Tarl Dale

Warden of Vintiver

Tarl Dale Endorsement Letter

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