Waldric "The Gore-handed"

Fearsome Outlaw Leader


Waldric The Gorehand

Full Name: Waldric The Gore-Handed
First Encountered: -
Job: Outlaw Leader
Last Known Status: ALIVE, preying on the people of Logerswold


Known as fearsome and terrible warrior, Waldric “The Gore-Handed” and his group of bandits have been preying on the Ruswold Valley populace over the last few months, thieving and murdering. The problem got so severe that the locals ousted their Bann, Valdur Krole and replaced him with the newly elected Bann Trumhall in the hopes a solution could be found.

Waldric is known to have a camp deep in the Brecilian forest, though no one can tell where exactly.

Waldric "The Gore-handed"

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