Valdur Krole

Former Bann of The Ruswold Valley


Valdur Krole

First Encountered: Krole Manor, Ruswold Valley, Episode 4, Day 12
Full Name: Valdur Krole
Job: Former Bann
Last Known Status: ALIVE at his manor


For years, the villagers and surrounding freeholders have lived and laboured under the protection of Bann Valdur Krole. Although gruff, conservative, disfigured, and not particularly well-liked, Bann Krole kept them safe…until recently. Within the last year, a band of murderous outlaws under the leadership of Waldric the Gore-Handed beset first the loggers operating in the forests near Logerswold and then the villagers themselves as they traveled the region. Many were killed, the local industry was disrupted, and the region was thrown into turmoil.

Although Bann Krole made some progress in harrying the outlaws, Fereldan freeholders are free to elect new banns to protect them, which is what happened in the Ruswold. A landless lordling named Trumhall, whose family hails from a river valley to the north of the Ruswold, gained popularity in Logerswold when he and his retainers slew a group of the Gore-hand’s outlaws who assaulted his party. Well-spoken, handsome, and dynamic, Trumhall looked like the perfect leader. The harried Logerswolders held a referendum to oust Krole and replace him with their new hero.

Krole was bitter at this reversal of his fortunes, but as an honourable Fereldan, had no recourse but to wait for what he felt was the sure and coming devastation of the area, given the new bann’s inexperience. But Trumhall was successful in spectacularly defending Logerswold against two vicious bandit attacks that came soon thereafter. It began to look like Bann Trumhall would stay.

The soldiers who had served Krole had little choice but to disperse from Manor Krole, where some had served their bann for more than 20 years. With his financial support cut off, he had no choice but to let them go. Although some found work with Bann Trumhall, others left the area entirely, and some are still at loose ends in the Ruswold.

Some of these “loose ends” accosted the party, which led to Valdur Krole inviting the group to his manor so he could apologise for the incident simply for the sake of honour. They did not get on well with the man and soon left. On exiting the manor they faced off with a group of bandits and brought back one of them back as a prisoner. Though it looked like this would improve relations between them, the party soon made their relationship with Krole even worse. They tortured the prisoner horrifically on Krole’s table to his protestations and left with the former Bann screaming at them.

*The party noticed that Valdur Krole has only one leg.

Valdur Krole

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