Bann Trumhall

Newly-Made Bann of Ruswold Valley


Bann Trumhall

Full Name: Bann Martyn Trumhall
First Encountered: Trumhall’s Encampment outside Logerswold, Ruswold Valley, Session 4, Day 12
Job: Bann of Ruswold Valley
Last Known Status: ALIVE


Bann Trumhall is the newly elected Bann of the Ruswold Valley. Trumhall replaced his predecessor Valdur Krole by a people’s election, following several months of horrific bandit attacks. Trumhall promised to stamp out the problem and though actions by the outlaws take place, they have been reduced heavily. A fact that many of the people of Logerswold are happy about. Valdur Krole has a rather more negative opinion of the man and refuses to leave his manor to his new successor. Trumahall has therefore started work on building his own stronghold on the outskirts of Logerswold.

In reaction to the ongoing actions by outlaw leader Waldric "The Gorehand, Bann Trumhall put out notices across the land stating his need for adventurers to deal with a local bandit problem. He claims that he simply does not have the men or resources himself. The party met him at his camp and accepted his offer of taking down Waldric in return for any of the stolen loot they could find.

  • He is aware that the party has not always acted well in polite society and sent his guard to warn them to be on their best behaviour.
  • He has a large black mabari dog named “Blacktail” that Barry really wants

Bann Trumhall

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