Sister Arda

Spiritual Leader of Vintiver


Sister Arda

First Encountered: Episode 1, Vintiver Chantry, Day 1
Full Name: Arda
Job: Chantry Sister
Last Known Status: ALIVE


Sister Arda is a devout servant of the Chantry and follower of its beliefs. Raised and trained in Denerim, she chose to immigrate to the frontier lands some eighteen years ago to minister to people in need of spiritual guidance, feeling she could do more there than in the great temples of the capital city. She has helped build up the Chantry in Vintiver, both figuratively and with her own hands. In spite of being a “newcomer” by the standards of some, Sister Arda is a known and welcomed part of the community.

She does not believe in blind adherence to dogma, and tends to politely overlook various local superstitions and customs dating back to tribal times. After all, the people of Vintiver are good, hard working, and devout. They need spiritual guidance to make their lives better, not more difficult, as she sees it.

Sister Arda was gravely concerned with recent events. In all her years in Vintiver, she has never had to face true evil until the appearance of Mythallen. She feared corrupt forces closing in around the souls entrusted into her care, and she did not know if she had the courage necessary to sing out loudly in the face of mortal peril, to be the guiding light her people needed. She is sincerely grateful for the assistance of the PCs, although she has a touch of Chantry mistrust for magic-wielders, particularly given the circumstances.

However on leaving Vintiver, Sister Arda revealed to the party that she had sent a description of Mythrandir to the Templars, the chantry’s mage hunters.

Sister Arda

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