Keeper Orellis

Keeper of The Yonwyn Clan



First Encountered: Episode 2, The Elven Ruins, Day 3
Full Name: Orellis Yonwyn
Job: Clan Keeper
Last Known Status: ALIVE, tending to the members of his clan


Orellis is an older elf, his hair silvery white and his face beginning to show the hints of wrinkles and lines that would, in a human, be the early signs of middle age. In truth, Orellis is the eldest member of his band and has been their Lorekeeper for many years. He knows a great deal about elven history, legends, and religion in particular, and looks after the spiritual needs of his people.

  • He has described Eshara as his daughter
  • Orellis knows Tyene’s father and clan. He met her as a little girl

Keeper Orellis

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