Mythallen - DECEASED

Dalish Hunter Turned Abomination



First Encountered: -
Full Name: Mythallen (Formely Harralan)
First Heard Of: Episode One, From Eshara, Day 1
Last Known Status: DEAD (killed by the party in Episode 3)


Harralan was a skilled Dalish hunter and tracker for his clan, but known for having a temper and a certain amount of arrogance about his abilities. He dreamed of the days when his people were masters of the land, with grand cities and a nation of their own, not dispirited wanderers living out of wagons and performing shows and tricks for tge very people who oppressed and enslaved them. They were better than that. The indignity at the human village of Vintiver was the final straw of Harralan’s pride. Those quickling fools dared to speak to him in such a way! Accusing him of stealing their women! Worse yet, his own elders admonished him for it. The hunter stewed and fumed as the clan left the insignificant village behind and continued on their journey. Harralan was instructed to scout alone in the woods in order to cool his temper but he merely stoked the flames of his rage the more he thought about it.

So his mind and spirit were primed to hear the call of a demon bound within the ruins of an ancient Elven keep. Transformed by the power of the demon, the Dalish elf became Mythallen (pronounced myth-al-LEN), “child of vengeance.” He felt the power thundering within every fiber of his being. The power to take revenge on those who mocked him, who degraded his people.

Mythallen was a creature of primal rage, hate, and a never-ending thirst for vengeance. He transformed members of his own clan into “revengers” (twisted monsters at his command) and attempted to wipe out the village of Vintiver. However, the party arrived in time to destroy him. Menguy’s killing blow released the demon from his form and returned the elves to their regular state. Though many villagers lied dead, his evil was vanquished.

Mythallen - DECEASED

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