Dalish Elf Survivor



Full Name: Eshara Yonwyn
First Encountered: Farm Outside Vintiver, Session One, Day One
Job: Lorekeeper in Training
Last Known Status: ALIVE and recuperating in Vintiver, angry as hell with Menguy


Eshara Yonwyn is a devout believer in the elven gods, as shown by her facial tattoos. She is proud of her heritage and her people. A bright and clever young elf woman, Eshara also proves to be quite brave and determined when given the responsibility of aiding her clan. Found badly wounded on a farm outside the town of Vintiver, she had managed to escape from the clutches of a rage abomination and his minions, absconding with a broken silver link of unknown importance.

Unconscious for a time, the party brought her to an inn for rest and defended her against the threats a vengeful mob. On awakening, she was willing to trust the outsiders with what information she had (as well as giving them the silver link) in order to put an end to the threat looming over her clan and the human village as well.

  • Orellis has mentioned that Eshara is his daughter
  • Struck by the bravery and different nature of the Avvarian warrior Menguy, Eshara spent the night talking with him a while after the others had gone to bed. One thing led to another…
  • During the battle of Vintiver, Menguy bravely ran into The Mullin’s burning inn and rescued her from certain death at great risk
  • Though she was very enamoured with Menguy, he broke her heart by attempting to seduce Coalan’s widow right in front of her.


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