Racist Blacksmith



Full Name: Coalan
First Encountered: Vintiver, Session One, Day One
Job: Blacksmith
Last Known Status: DEAD, Decapitated by Mythallen in the battle of Vintiver (Episode 3)


Coalan has lived in Vintiver all his life. He learned the blacksmith’s trade here, took over the smithy and forge and has been a good and upstanding member of the community. Coalan has always been a somewhat solitary fellow; as a lad his large size made him somewhat awkward and shy. As a man, he has focused on his work and finds little time for “foolishness,” as he refers to most sorts of recreation. He is a serious man, with serious responsibilities. Unfortunately, Master Coalan also has something of a temper. He manages to keep it in check most of the time, but it is one of the reasons why he doesn’t make friends easily, or socialize all that much. Belter, Coalan’s young apprentice, receives the brunt of his master’s ill-temper, but even he thinks of Coalan as more prickly than violent. Recent events have worsened the blacksmith’s temper. After all, everything in the village was just fine until the festival, until those damned sneaky knife-ears came along and started trouble. It was getting back to normal until they came back, now they want help? It is some elven trick! It has to be.

Coalan attempted to lead an angry mob to take the elf Eshara from the party’s protection but was thwarted when his followers were threatened and lost their nerve. He refused to talk when approached by Menguy after this and had nothing to share about the silver link the group carried, saying that he was just a simple blacksmith and had no knowledge of such metalwork.

When the party left the village the next morning, Coalan attempted to ambush them with some lackeys in order to “teach them a lesson”. They fail miserably. 3 of the peasants were killed by Marionne and Mythrandir’s attack spells and the rest ran. However the party not only knocked out Coalan but took his hammer as well, leaving him in the woods.

The party last encountered Coalan on their return to Vintiver. The rage abomination Mythallen had badly wounded him during his attack on the town. Though Cheeky Barry dragged him out of the fray and healed his injuries, the blacksmith attempted to rejoin the fight with poor results. Coalan launched himself across a counter, hit his head against a wall and was immediately decapitated by Mythallen. The town planned to build a statue in his honour.

On a sad note, Coalan’s widow committed suicide the day a few days after the battle. Racked with guilt over his death and letting herself be seduced by Mythrandirduring the ensuing festivities.


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