Dragon Age: Destinies of Blood

Episode Two: Wings of Change

New Friends and More Enemies

Episode Two:
Wings Of Change

The party awoke the morning after their fight to find a new companion and readied themselves for the ruins that lay ahead and facing Mythallen

22nd of Harvestmere (Day 3)

Morning: The Abandoned Camp Site

The group awoke the next day, shaken from their experience the night before. The bodies of the elves that had previously been ravenous beasts reminded them of the darkness they were facing. They began the task of packing up camp when the sound of someone approaching put them on their guard.

Stepping out from the brush was a young man from Vintiver, Belter. Though the apprentice of Coalan the blacksmith (who had been a thorn in the party’s side), he did not wish the group malice. Instead Belter voiced his wish to join them. Not only did he wish to help stop the terror that gripped his township, he wished to see the world. The party welcomed him to their ensemble.

Late Morning: The Chasm

The party made swift time and before noon found themselves at a massive chasm. The drop went down a good hundred feet to jagged rocks below. Eshara’s directions had led them to where a massive tree had fallen, bridging the gap. There was no other way of getting over the divide, that was certain. This would be where they’d cross. Before they tried however, they fired an arrow with a rope attached into a tree on the other side and then braced it on their end. The added safety would make an attempt far less daunting.

One thing that unnerved the group was a presence high in the sky, black forms circling. Normally they would pay birds no heed but something about it was wrong.

As Mythrandir and Belter took their first steps onto the makeshift bridge they realised they were not incorrect. These “birds” like the dogs encountered at the farm had been corrupted by some dark magic. Their beaks were a twisted mess resembling pronged fangs and they screeched a hellish sound.

They dived at the group members who dared try to cross, pecking and clawing, unsettling their balance. Most got off lightly, their leather armour protecting them from harm but one bird cruelly latched onto Marionne’s face and tried to rip out her eyes. It was the quick attacks of her team mates, with bow and spell, that blasted the foul crows out of the sky before they could cause anyone to fall to their death.

Midday: The Ruins

It was under an hour of crossing the bridge of crows that the group found themselves at their destination, the ancient ruins Eshara had spoken of. Examining ancient markings, Marrione recognised it as an ancient fortress of the elves from millennia past. She called out that she was claiming the place for the chantry, drawing a raised eyebrow from Tyene. However as they moved debris from a stairwell that led underground they heard a sound . The sound of rattling.

The adventurers prepared themselves as they ventured down into the darkness, expecting a fight with more forces of Mythallen’s evil. They were not left wanting. Skeletons, no doubt those of the warriors that once defended this hall long ago, had been raised by his magic. As the group entered the dusty damp that had once been a cellar or dungeon, they faced off with three of the undead and made battle on sight.

The stiff bones of the ancient wardens of the keep had no chance however against more nimble opponents. They were overwhelmed quickly, smashed into charred and shattered pieces. It was then that the party heard pained cries for help coming from down a hallway and knew that they had found the surviving members of Eshara’s clan.

They were about to make their way towards the sound when they noticed a string running at ankle height, an apparent trap trigger. Triggering it from afar they saw its mechanism launch a blade that may have been a killing blow had they not been more careful. They cautiously proceeded down the darkened corridor.

There was a small prison cell, full of Elves, mainly the elderly and the very young. They looked malnourished and some quite sick. One voice called out above all others and a figure approached the bars. He introduced himself as Orellis Yonwyn, the keeper of his clan. Warily he asked who the group was and what their motives were. The party tried to convince Orellis that they were here to help but it was only recognising Tyene from her tattoos as a member of the Hallowayn clan that his trust was gained. Orellis knew her father and had met Tyene when she was a child.

Within minutes the cell was unlocked and rations were distributed to the hungry. Orellis then told the party what he had discovered. Mythallen was no ancient god of vengeance, he was Harralan, the young hunter that had become angry at his mistreatment by the humans at the harvest festival. From Mythallen’s ravings, Orellis had deduced that Harralan had stumbled across this old ruin while sent scouting and that some dark magic or demon inhabiting this place had possessed him, transforming Harralan into an insane abomination. This new being, Mythallen, truly believes his campaign of destruction is for the betterment of his people even though he has killed many of his fellow Dalish or transformed them into his “revengers”, the vicious hyena-like things that attacked the party at camp. His corruption bleeds into everything. Lastly, Orellis gave the grim news that Mythallen had not only corrupted most of the able-bodied men and women of the tribe but that he had already left with them on a march of vengeance to Vintiver where he intends to kill every man, woman and child.

Early Afternoon: Mythallen’s Chamber

Before leaving, the party decided to investigate the personal chamber of Mythallen’s that Eshara had mentioned. Sure enough there was the altar where the silver link had been. What was more intriguing were the markings on the floor, old faded words that spoke of a power one had possessed that allowed him to cross into the fade at will. A shrewd look let them notice that in the centre of the markings was a stone slab with a secret latch to lift it. Menguy hoisted up the heavy stone with all his strength revealing a hidden tomb of an ancient elf underneath.

Clutched in one hand of the decayed corpse was an old Elven sword, in a badly rusted condition, the other gripped a bound set of parchments. Minor inspection revealed them to have something in the way of magic about them. Marionne and Mythrandir came to a joint understanding about sharing this discovery whilst Belter took the sword for himself. Tyene however was not best pleased about this looting, worried that they were disturbing something that could have unforeseen consequences. Menguy sealed it back up afterwards to be on the safe side.

The episode ended as Lirresh, one of the only remaining hunters of the clan, offered his services in getting the group back to Vintiver by a short cut that would give them a chance to save the town. They headed out, hopefully not too late…



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